The Web – A Recap

Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.
– Yvonne Woon, Dead Beautiful

This is where I am:

I make low-60k range money at a 9-5 web development job outside a midsize American city. I have a four year degree in Computer Engineering. I have a mortgage on a three bedroom house, a shitty car paid off, roughly $14k in consumer debt and another $40k in student loans. I see a handful of girls, I’m in solid-but-not-amazing shape, I’m a novice salsa dancer and my wardrobe is fair to middling. I speak one language, and have never been outside the country except Canada and cruises. I’m 24, about to be 25.

These are the things that keep me here:

  • Winning – I am not used to losing, and that makes trying things where I’m likely to lose harder.
  • Friends and Family – I don’t want to give up the easy comfort of a few nights with a week with old friends, and support from my immediate family.
  • The White Collar – I’m an engineer, and a hard worker.
  • Lifestyle – I like to spend money without thinking about it too hard – I live well within my means, right now, but that’s not because I’m stingy.
  • Credit Cards – I spend a couple hundred dollars a month just making minimum payments on credit cards debt.
  • Home Sweet Home – I spend about 1/4 of my monthly income on a mortgage.
  • Uncle Engineer – One of the biggest influences in my life would vehemently disapprove of any non-STEM career.

There are other things, but this is the high level summary.

Next: a series on where I want to be by this time next year.



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