Blog Review – Free Northerner

Iron sharpens iron
– Proverbs 27:17, via Free Northerner

Still working hard on the budgeting tool, I promise. Just to keep posting momentum going…

I finished the archives over at Free Northerner. Here are some of my thoughts.

Right out of the gate I should mention that I consider myself a post-Christian, something I might write about later. I don’t believe in the physical reality of Free Northerner’s Christian faith. That said, he presents a vision of Christianity that might have actually kept me in the church in an earlier time – one based around strength, holiness, and duty. Theological concerns aside, his is a faith I can respect.

A couple of his religious posts that I enjoyed: David fights Goliath, Adam’s Original Sin.

A series of his I really relate to is his Omega’s Guide. While I am not myself an omega, I like the practical advice, the concrete challenges, and the focus on self-improvement. It’s very much in my vein.

His lightning rounds – the latest here – link to a ton of interesting articles and seem like a great intro to this corner of the internet.

And finally a scattering of my favorite posts of his:

Overall I recommend Free Northerner for his linkage as an entrance point into the manosphere, his Omega’s Guide as motivation and planning for the aspiring man, and the posts above as plain good writing.

Next up: return of kings.


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